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Welcome to Beerloga!

Come and join us day or night to enjoy the unique atmosphere and our incredibly vast selection of beer!
Here you can find lots of delicious meat choices including authentic American,
Argentinian, or even Thai burgers as well as to savor our well curated menu of salads specialties cooked according to our original recipes. By the way, if you often find yourself eating dinner after 9 pm, check out our healthy options for those who want to stay fit. Yes, it’s real!
Also, in Beerloga we have our own smokehouse! Don’t forget to try our savory
smoked delicacies including smoked trout and chicken wings — these you’ll hardly find anywhere else!
And finally, what can be better than a pint of cold beer to cool down after a hot burger or a platter of smoked delicacies, so be sure to check out our amazing selection of 40 kinds of beer — all beer lovers will be able to find a favorite one!
Well, come visit our site to get the most complete insights about our pub and restaurant! And of course, welcome to Beerloga itself and grab a pint of beer to enjoy in a lively atmosphere of our pub!

סטייק ענק על פלחי תפוח אדמה מהתנור ועלים רוזמרין בצד על צלחת מעץ חום כהה ושולחן אפור כהה
A Warm, Charming Atmosphere

European traditions in BEERLOGA

Our restaurant treats every meal and drink with great care. Here you can taste mouthwatering meat dishes, classic German sausages, savor real American burgers and enjoy some of the most delicious salads from around the world.

In the wonderful atmosphere of our place each beer and food lover will be able to find a favorite one, and will definitely come again to grab some more!

European traditions in BEERLOGA
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